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"You Got Me" (Featuring Erykah Badu) | The Roots


Jalsa, Mumbai Oct 7, 2014 Tue 10:07 pm

Blessed are they that discover themselves .. blessed are they that know what they are … blessed are they that know who they are … blessed are they that can decipher what and who they wish to be .. blessed are they that endure the stigma’s of life and…



With all the heat Anita Sarkeesian gets for her Tropes series, you’d think it was a new topic, but Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert had a discussion on a similar theme when they were talking about the influx of slasher movies on their show in 1980.


I can’t believe this post made it to my dash with this valuable commentary deleted. This is the entire reason that this show came up in the first place. Here’s the Polygon article that broached the subject. It’s incredibly relevant to entertainment media of all kinds today.

Part 1 was already linked by the OP, but here’s part 2 of the show for convenience. (x)


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Peter’s not coming, darling.
You can latch the window and take the white ribbons from your hair,
stop sleeping with socks on and packing going-away bags.
Whispering the names of the lost boys will not hasten them to you.
Clapping your hands is no enchantment.
There is magic, though, in lining your eyes,
and spells to be cast in sharpening your tongue.
Come to me, darling, and I’ll show you how queens carry themselves.
I will teach you how to wrangle womanhood and tame it into a lapdog,
to recognize pirates without their hooks and rapier them with words,
to say no to heartless boys who need mothering
and make peace with stern princesses and jealous faeries.
I will help hide away childhood in the gilded cage of your ribs,
where it may blossom and thrive in the wildest part of you.
Here you will never grow old, never die.
Here is your Neverland, laced through your heart like corset strings,
tied up tight into a ribbon no span of years can unravel.
"To Growing Girls Who Dream of Neverland" by S.T. Gibson
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Powerful thnx:)

Amazing woman. Man Ray’s muse but wait…just read the article.
Tell me women of Tumblr? Do you have the balls to live a life like this?
Thinking about it myself. What’s my next adventure.

Easy Street

Easy Street